Biomedical Infectious

Bio-Medical Waste Management, Handling, Treatment & Disposal

During 1993, Bio-Medical Waste Incineration was introduced to Homi R. Mullan by an entrepreneurial friend John Paul Paturi, who had made a successful start in Designing, Manufacturing and Installations of their HEATON Electric Incinerators in Visakhapatnam, for Naval Hospital, and for Visakhapatnam Steel Plant Hospital; and, also for Karnataka State Government Hospitals in Bangalore and Mysore; and for Hospitals in Chennai. This was a way ahead of The Bio-Medical Waste (Management and Handling) Rules 1998, even before its draft rules announced by Ministry of Environment & Forest (MoEF). The said introduction was with an eye to promote Bio-Medical Waste Incinerators in Mumbai, manufactured by his company M/s J&J Hotmax Pvt. Ltd. Thus a journey began with research, study and practical experience which resulted in a holistic study of the Bio-medical Waste & Hazardous Wastes Management, Handling Treatment & Disposal of waste; study of pollutants and control; designing and Engineering; Education and Training. The Work experience, and Technical Papers and its Presentations are summarised in the profile of Homi R. Mullan, and are a part of this section.


This is to acknowledge the persons and institutes which provided the: access to research study materials and a platform to promote awareness and training in Infectious wastes and Hazardous wastes in Health care Facilities. Amongst these are:

  • British Council Library, for its various books, referenced in technical papers

  • American Council Library, for its books, and most importantly the several publications of United States Environment protection Agency (USEPA)

  • Elastec-American Marine Inc., Carmi, IL, USA, for its ‘Mediburn’ Portable Medical Waste Incineration, Training and Knowledge

  • Ministry of Environment & Forest (MoEF); Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB)

  • Dr. Ashok Sahni, Professor and Honorary. Executive Director, Indian Society of Health Administrators (ISHA), Bangalore, for its immense and sustained work in Education and Promotion of professionalizing health systems for better health and community; and, for having given a platform to present technical papers at it ISHA Conferences; and, for having compiled a book on “Hospital Clinical Waste Management, And Infection Control, 2004.