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    Biomedical Infectious Waste Management

    During 1993, Bio-Medical Waste Incineration was introduced to Homi R. Mullan by an entrepreneurial friend John Paul Paturi, who had made a successful start in Designing, Manufacturing and Installations of their HEATON Electric Incinerators in Visakhapatnam, for Naval Hospital, and for Visakhapatnam Steel Plant Hospital; and, also for Karnataka State Government Hospitals in Bangalore and Mysore; and for Hospitals in Chennai. This was a way ahead of The Bio-Medical Waste (Management and Handling) Rules 1998........

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    Hospital Medical Infectious Waste Incinerators

    The said introduction was with an eye to promote Bio-Medical Waste Incinerators in Mumbai, manufactured by his company M/s J&J Hotmax Pvt. Ltd. Thus a journey began with research, study and practical experience which resulted in a holistic study of the Bio-medical Waste & Hazardous Wastes Management, Handling Treatment & Disposal of waste; study of pollutants and control; designing and Engineering; Education and Training. The Work experience, and Technical Papers and its Presentations are summarised in the profile of Homi R. Mullan.........

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    Heat Tracing Systems (Electric & Steam)

    Homi Mullan offers comprehensive consultancy in the Field of Heat Tracing, encompassing: Training; Tender Design, Engineering, Specification, and Selection Analysis; Marketing Research and Technical Studies; Plant Survey, Operation and Maintenance advice.Paradigm shift in career took place in 1978, embarking in the field of: Electric Heat Tracing; Electric HV and LV Cable Termination; Specialty Control & Instrumentation cables; Corrosion Protection, whilst working and trained with the India office of Raychem Corporation, Menlo Park, CA, USA......

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    Technology Products Marketing Management

    Work career of Homi Mullan since 1963, has been involved in the field of Technical Products Sales & Marketing with M/s J. N. Marshall & Co., for Fifteen-years, and later with Raychem Corporation, Menlo Park, CA, USA, for a period of next Ten-years. Also, continued to work with UK and USA based companies having Technology Industrial products, with companies outlined in the profile. With successful work experience in management of Technical sales, working with Multi National Companies and Indian Corporate, Homi Mullan offers consultancy.............

About Us


Homi R. Mullan, B.Sc. (Physics & Mathematics), career started in 1963 with on-job training with Learning and Specializing in Efficient Use of Steam for Process Heating and Temperature                          Maintenance applications..........

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What We Do?


We guide inspiring individuals in the Fields of:
. Bio-Medical Infectious Waste Management.
. Incinerators.
. Heat Tracing Systems.

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About Homi R. Mullan

Homi R. Mullan, a graduate in Physics & Mathematics (B.Sc.) from Pune University, possesses Working Knowledge and Experience since 1963, encompassing the fields of Energy & Environment Conservation Technologies; Management, Marketing and Selling of High Technology products in India of Multinational Companies; and, has to his credit several Technical papers and Notes, as outlined in the Work Profile covering the fields of: Heat Tracing (Electric & Steam); Hospital Infectious waste management; Efficient Use of Process Steam; Fuel Oil handling systems; Incinerators; Boilers; Instrumentation & Controls; Oil Spill Response; Piping; Thermal Insulation; Design, Engineering & Contracting; Technical Marketing & Sales of Technology products.


Creativity and Passion for learning and imparting knowledge on an on going basis, plays a significant role in fulfilling the technology products needs of Developing and Emerging markets, and building of knowledge blocks for Specialization and Mastery of diversified subjects.


Homi Mullan’s mission is to introduce and offer Newer Technologies which offers Quality Product solutions at a fraction of cost over conventional means; offering Energy & Environment conservation techniques to Industrial sectors of: Oil & Gas; Petroleum; Refineries; Power Plants; Steel; Process Industries (Chemicals, Fertilizers, Textile, Food etc.,); Hotels; Hospitals & Health Care facilities. To Mentor Engineering and Management Students, and guide their Faculties. To interact with Engineers and Managers, offering solutions. Conducting of Training programs for Engineers and Managers in the Industries; to impart knowledge in the Fields of specialisation attained, now nearing Five decades, i.e., since the year1963.

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